October 2019

Table Read. All of the writers, actors and producers of the San Diego Memoir Showcase came together to hear the pieces read aloud at San Diego Writers Ink. I was excited to learn whom the casting director chose for my reading. I met wonderful Sibongile Ngako, “my actor.” She is an accomplished Harvard-educated actor who is originally from Brooklyn and now lives in San Diego.

For the reading the actors sat at tables opposite the authors. The fun began. Sort of.

When I heard Sibongile speak my words, I was in awe of her mastery of her craft.

But at the conclusion, I felt just like the writer to my right who said, “Everyone’s was great except mine.” I think that sentiment came from the odd experience of not only hearing your own piece but nine others. I could enjoy those readings as entertainment while mine I did not. Instead I listened and took notes on how I thought my written work should be revised.

One Night--10 Amazing Stories. My husband and I attended the two performances on October 28, 2019 at the North Coast Repertory Theatre. I thank my friends and the audiences for their enthusiastic support of all of the ten stories. I am still in shock over the warm and positive accolades. Sibongile Ngako knocked it out of the park with her incredible rendition of two stanzas from a spiritual hymn. Thank you one and all. I will never forget this incredible experience seeing my writing come to life on stage for the first time.