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Screenshot of video by Sibongile Ngako
Killer Bees Video
Actor Sibongile Nagako brought the story KILLER BEES to life with vibrato at the North Coast Rep in two...
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Vitamin D: Supplement Yes or No?
My email sizzled with questions after recent news headlines featured results of vitamin D supplementation...
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5th Annual San Diego Memoir Showcase
5th Annual San Diego Memoir Showcase, It’s a Wrap. The San Diego Memoir Showcase provided new experiences...
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Age--A Matter of Perspective
This photo of aged hands chosen to illustrate “aging” set my mind off in free association. Obviously,...
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Living in 1984
I’ve spent more time this year living in 1984 than the present. That might sound like an odd statement,...
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Thirty-Five Years
Mother’s Day 1984, I graduated along with 135 classmates from the University of Louisville School of...
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Five Patients
Five Patients The Saturday night dinner party brought together the largest gathering of our med school...
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