5th annual San Diego Memoir Showcase competition winners announced

Doctors are not known for their handwriting, yet — here’s an irony — there’s a long line of doctors-turned-writers, which includes playwright Anton Chekhov (“Uncle Vanya”) and Michael Crichton. That’s right, the author of “Jurassic Park” graduated from Harvard Medical School and then decided to bail on medicine in favor of becoming a writer.

Adam Behar,

La Jollan is one of 10 memoir contest winners: Readings set for Oct. 28 at North Coast Rep Theatre

La Jolla resident Diane Schneider’s memoir “Lives on Brown Cards” looks at memorable patients she has encountered in her years as a physician — and the lessons she learned from them. An excerpt, “Killer Bees” earned her a spot as one of 10 winners of the San Diego Memoir Writers Association’s (SDMWA) fifth annual Memoir Showcase Competition (see box for winners list).

Ashley Mackin-Solomon, La Jolla Light

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