I’ve spent more time this year living in 1984 than the present. That might sound like an odd statement, but it’s true. Since I embarked on writing about six months in 1984, I’ve recalled days, events, and people. Some are hazy memories, others quite vivid.

I thought I hit the jackpot when I found my 1984 Engagement Calendar, which brought Judge Kavanaugh to mind. Like him, why in the world do you still have that? In January of 1984, I traveled to Great Britain for two senior year medical school clerkships in Geriatrics. First, Nottingham, England followed by Glasgow, Scotland. When I traveled abroad previously, I kept a brief day-to-day log during the trips. I chose this calendar designed with one page for each week for my daily entry in its small rectangular blocks.

After my discovery, I read with fond memories about my three months in Great Britain followed by a month’s holiday in Greece. I turned to May and found all blank pages; an abrupt end to my travel log. Well that made sense, my travels complete. Since in May I returned to United States for my medical school graduation festivities. But I quickly turned pages and hoped that I would find more entries. I did but only two in June when I first arrived in Atlanta and two in October.

My initial glee turned to disappointment. RATS! The six months of the year I planned to write about had a grand total of four entries. I stared at blank page after blank page. How would I fill in all those blanks?

I began spending time in 1984. Like a time machine, I started seeing vivid scenes unfold. I don’t remember what I did exactly the beginning of July this year, but in 1984 I can visualize and feel myself walking down the halls of Grady Memorial Hospital as a newly minted physician. I look forward to sharing those memories and adventures with you.