The Complete Book of

Bone Health & Osteoporosis

by Dr. Diane Schneider

You will find up-to-date information on bone health basics, bone density “DXA” scans, exercise and nutrition, vitamin D, calcium, prescription medicines, and much more.

Book Reviews

"We all know, ‘eat your breakfast, brush your teeth, exercise, and cut out the fatty foods,’ but bone loss? Who knew? That is, until Dr. Diane Schneider’s comprehensive and eminently understandable book on good bone health for women and men. It leaves nothing out: from childhood to old age it educates us on how to strengthen and maintain our bones to prevent life-threatening bone breaks, which is especially vital for us older folks. Every adult and parent should read Dr. Schneider's fascinating guide to a longer, better life with healthy bones!"

– David Hartman, television producer and original host,
Good Morning, America

"Dr. Schneider has written a comprehensive, highly lucid survey of osteoporosis, its nature and causes, along with sensible approaches toward its prevention and management. Her focus on non-pharmaceutical aspects is strong, as is her focus on both safety and the efficacy of approved treatments. I enthusiastically recommend this book to any person who has, or who is concerned about, developing osteoporosis. I also recommend it highly to health professionals who are not specialists in this condition, as Dr. Schneider provides many valuable tips that will improve patient care."

– Robert Marcus, MD, Professor of Medicine, Stanford University